Boca del Lobo party

This weekend festivities continue with the presentation of the festival, on Saturday we will be at La Boca del Lobo in Murcia with Papa Serpiente and we raffle tickets and T-shirts. 

An important quote that you should not miss ... I hope!


Greetings friends, and is approaching the date to enjoy another year another edition of GinetaRock and you go for the seventh. 

Here you have the time to give you an idea of how it will proceed the order of the bands. 

We hope to have the best possible and try that all attendees enjoy to the max a day that promises great atmosphere and lots of good vibes metal. A hug and I hope metalhead.



Every year we prepare the "ginetabus" to all the people who want to move from Albacete without getting in the car, for that you must book a place in TNT Rock & Beer Street Boilermakers, No. 5, for only 5 € you leads to the festival and then take you back home with no worries, plus a reed passengers will get nothing but the free festival. Other convenience available to the public, for those who want to take a copichuelas and make the most of Ginetarock. The Ginetabus will depart at 16:30 and in the event that there is much demand for places would make two trips. 

Go for it! Ginetarock waiting and Ginetabus ... TAKES YOU!